Agro Park Pays Working Visit To DAWN Commission

Agro Park 1
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Executive Directors of Agro Park, Seun Edun and Olusola Olunowo, paid DAWN Commission a working visit on the 19 th of February 2019. The primary objective of their visit was to discuss the modalities for addressing the bottlenecks in the agricultural sector, particularly on accessing land for agricultural production.

The duo brought the Commission’s attention to the fact that there are many fertile agricultural lands lying fallow in the South-West, while many agri-businesses in the region are in a constant search for arable farmland. In a bid to unlocking this particular bottleneck in the agricultural value chain, Agro Park agreed to work with
DAWN Commission to organize stakeholder’s forum. This forum will comprise key individuals and organizations critical to resolving the difficulty in accessing land for agricultural purposes in the region. If successful, the forum will be influential in increasing food security in Southwest Nigeria.

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