COVID-19: Economic Implication of the Lock-Down on Southwest States of Nigeria

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prepared by The Economic Desk of DAWN Commission with additional contribution from Dr. Sade Taiwo

This paper examines the economic implications of the lock-down on six States in the Southwest Region of Nigeria, sequel to the incidence of COVID-19 pandemic. The lock-down became imperative as a result of the spread of the disease.

The disease, though currently has a low fatality rate, constitutes a potential danger for the Southwest Region given the weak state of our health care system. Even countries with modern health facilities are overwhelmed due to their inability to promptly contain the spread of the disease.

The study highlights the spread of the disease in the Region, peculiarities of the Region and economic rationale for lock-down as well as the immediate, intermediate and long-run impact of the lock-down.

Click below to read the FULL Report:

COVID-19 – Economic implication of lock-down for Southwest States

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