DAWN & The Commission

DAWN & The Commission

DAWN Commission was set up by the Governments of the Southwest States as the institution that will design and manage the Development Agenda for Western Nigeria – DAWN. It is therefore the dedicated coordinating agency, fully empowered by the Governments to ensure the delivery of the composite development aspirations of the Region.

The Commission is a dedicated technical organization that promotes and pursues sustainable development of the Southwest Region for the benefit of its people. In carrying out our mission and fulfilling our mandate, we have adopted what we describe as our 4Ms – the Commission’s cardinal driving methodology.

The 4Ms

  • Make (create) development ideas
  • Midwife development ideas
  • Mainstream development ideas
  • Monitor development ideas

DAWN Commission only speaks the language of development. Its mandate cuts across dividing lines, persuasions and inclinations. The Yoruba philosophical orientation of Agbajo Owo (collaboration) comes in handy as the underpinning concept behind our work. This orientation prescribes an unrelenting pursuance of collaborative and cooperative engagements, which would optimise the collective synergy and economies of scale of the integrating States for meeting the challenge of developing the Region for the benefit of its people.

The focus is on the following:

  • Good Governance
  • Economic Competitiveness
  • Workforce for the Future
  • Shareable & Interconnected Infrastructure
  • Security and Law & Order
  • Mobilised and Engaged Citizenry

DAWN Commission’s HQ office is situated on Floor No. 10 in the historic Cocoa House in Ibadan, Oyo State, Southwest, Nigeria.

54 years since its inception, Cocoa House still remains a centre for economic development for the Yoruba people and the Region.