March 2020 – DASHBOARD

March 2020 = DASHBOARD

How the Southwest States are achieving Regional Integration through the DAWN-DFID/PERL Partnership

Governance, as it has been described, is central to development conversations. The World Bank (1992) defines it as the manner in which power is exercised in the management of a country’s economic and social resources for development. According to the Bank, one of major reasons programmes or projects funds fail is due to factors deeply related to the quality of government action.

Thus, promotion of good governance is at the centre of DAWN Commission’s activities geared towards making the Southwest Region a preferred place for people to visit, live, work and invest. In pursuit of this vision, the Commission has been engaging different stakeholders ranging from development partners, civil society organisations (CSOs), academia and organized private sector on facilitating process and structure that will enable governance best practice across the States of the Region. read more

DAWN Commission, DFID Convene Southwest Education Forum

In response to the interest shown by the Governments of Six Southwest States towards improving the quality of basic education in the Region, DAWN Commission, with the support of DFID, facilitated a meeting of Education Policymakers and other Stakeholders; ranging from the Education Commissioners to SUBEB Chairs, Chairs of different Houses of Assembly’s Committee on Education and top bureaucrats working in the Education sector across the States. read more

AMOTEKUN: Southwest States Response to Rising Insecurity in the Region

the Development Agenda for Western Nigeria (DAWN) Commission has Homeland Affairs and Security Matters as one of its key development pillars. The Commission, as a technocratic institution set up to facilitate corporation and collaboration among the six Southwest States and between governments and other governance stakeholders operating in the Region to address and proffer practical solutions to the issues that could pose a threat to the security of lives and properties of citizens. read more

REGIONAL DEVELOPMENT: Domestication of SDG Data Disaggregation for Effective Tracking

For DAWN Commission, the ODMS concept is aimed at facilitating the creation of a harmonised data management system that will enable the production, assemblage, warehousing, analysing and broadcasting of statistical information for the sustainable development of Southwest Region of Nigeria. Undoubtedly, the attainment of this lofty goal requires high level strategic collaboration with key stakeholders and decision makers across the six Southwest States. read more

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March 2020 – Dashboard

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