PRESS RELEASE – Agriculture and Agribusiness Development in Southwest Nigeria

Development Agenda for Western Nigeria, DAWN Commission, is a dedicated institution for pursuing an integrated approach to the composite development of the Southwest part of Nigeria

In furtherance of the Commission’s Mandate to foster development in Southwestern Nigeria, the Commissioners for Agriculture in the Six Southwest States of Nigeria will be meeting in Abeokuta on Wednesday, 24th May, 2017 to discuss the way forward on Agriculture and Agribusiness Development in the Southwest Region of Nigeria.

The meeting, organised by DAWN Commission, is predicated on the need to optimize the agricultural potential in Southwest Nigeria as well as leverage agriculture and agri-business as a critical anchor sector for an integrated Regional economy, and serve as a strong basis for cooperation and collaboration.

Key issues to be discussed at the meeting include developing a regional strategy for food security and sovereignty in the Region and also the need for a coordinated regional strategy for land governance, management and conservation

The meeting is hinged on a series of progressive conversations, regional in scope, with different stakeholders on the need to have an effective, effectual and optimized agriculture eco-sysytem that delivers value to all stakeholders.

DAWN Commission is committed to the integration agenda of the Governments of Western States of Nigeria to pursue, work and act together under common set of development strategies, leveraging shared historical affiliations, to build synergies and economies of scale, whereby the Region and its people will experience enhanced human and social development outcomes across all spheres of existence.

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