Professor Abiodun Alao

Prof Abiodun Alao

Professor Abiodun Alao, a brilliant and accomplished academic, who hails from the Southwest Region of Nigeria, is a Senior Member of the African Leadership Centre (ALC), King’s College, London.

He is, today, the first black African Professor ever to deliver an inaugural lecture at the King’s College University of London since the establishment of the institution 187 years ago.

Kings College, which has produced 12 Nobel laureates among its professors, said Professor Alao has distinguished himself, citing about 100 widely recognised academic articles and encyclopaedia entries he had published, all of which were assessed to accord him a professorial title.

Asides his academic contributions, Professor Alao joins the long list of globally renowned academics the institution has produced whose works have produced answers to different challenges of humanity and the society since its establishment.

Prof Alao holds a Bachelor’s degree in History and a Masters degree in International Relations from the Universities of Ibadan and University of Ife respectively. He holds a Doctorate degree in War Studies from King’s College, London, where he was a Ford Foundation Doctoral Scholar and also holds a SSRC-MacArthur Post-Doctoral Fellowship. He has undertaken considerable assignments for international organisations.

His academic prowess has definitely stood him out as he has authored and co-authored several books, journals and articles. His findings and recommendations have largely helped establish peace and boost security in many African countries. He co-authored the Concept Note for the Common Defence and Security Policy for the Africa Union in 2003.

Prof Alao continues to play the role of an Expert Adviser for various international organisations. Some of the assignments he has undertaken for the Kings College include; Working for the European Union (EU), World Bank and the Economic Community of West African States (ECOWAS).

He was also part of a four-man team that undertook a comprehensive threat assessment for Rwanda immediately after the 1994 genocide and was on the group of academic experts that advised former UN secretary-general, Kofi Annan, on the civil war in Sierra Leone. He has held teaching and research positions at the Obafemi Awolowo University, Ile-Ife and the University of Zimbabwe where he was a Visiting Research Associate.

Today, Professor Alao will deliver his inaugural lecture, titled, “Africa: A Voice to be Heard, not a Problem to be Solved” at the Edward Safra Lecture Theatre on the main campus of the College.

It will be attended by several people from different parts of the world, including the United States of America, Australia, Kenya, South Africa and Nigeria.

We, at DAWN Commission, are indeed proud of your laudable achievements…
We salute your courage…We salute your doggedness and above all, we want you to know we recognise and celebrate the spirit of excellence in you.

Professor Abiodun Alao…Continue to Soar like the Eagle

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