Sunshine Chocolate Factory Pays DAWN Commission Courtesy Visit

Idan Chocolate Group Picture

…Presents Commission with made in Ondo State Chocolate bars, Idan 

Yesterday, DAWN Commission received with great delight, Mr Kunle Aderemi (Invest Africa) and Mr Ayo Akinola of ShokVille Limited, Sunshine Chocolate factory, Ondo State and presented the Commission with their brand of made in Ondo State Chocolate bars (Idan). Idan is a success story with standards of production and taste, we dare say is higher than most globally produced brands.

Idan chocolates are made from cocoa beans sourced from the foot of the legendary Langbodo Hills in the exclusive Oda Cocoa Farm Estates, Oda Ondo state. The beans are carefully selected and go through rigorous fermentation, drying and other quality protocols to give not only the best taste but also the finest quality chocolates.

Given the immense potential of the Region in Cocoa production, with Ondo state producing 94000 tons of cocoa annually, the Southwest which accounts for over 60% of Nigeria’s Cocoa total production has all it takes to lead the industry. Repositioning this all-important industry naturally falls within the scope of intervention of the Development Agenda for Western Nigeria (DAWN) Commission.

We have gone to great lengths to understand the structure of the Region’s Cocoa Industry, identify key value chains, conduct Southwest Cocoa stakeholders mapping, and identify investment opportunities in the industry and other details that can aid the objective of investment mobilization and encourage sustainable practices in the industry.

DAWN Commission is proud to be associated with IDAN Chocolates. They signpost the kind of game changing productivity, ingenuity and capabilities necessary to put the Region on a predictable pathway to socio economic prosperity and progress.

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