The 2nd Dipo FAMAKINWA Colloquium

Amb. Joe Keshi

The 2nd Dipo FAMAKINWA Colloquium, organised by DAWN Commission, was held at the Banquet Hall, Lagos Airport Hotel, Ikeja, Lagos on Wednesday, 21st April 2021.

Dipo FAMAKINWA was the Pioneer Director General of DAWN Commission. He sadly passed on 4 years ago on the April 21, 2017.

The Colloquium was organised to honour the man who dedicated the latter part of his life towards the setting up of DAWN Commission.

Ambassador Joe Keshi, OON,  former Permanent Secretary, Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Director General, BRACED Commission was the Guest Speaker at the Colloquium.

BRACED which comprises the six South-South states of Bayelsa, Rivers, Akwa Ibom, Cross River, Edo and Delta, is an initiative to foster the integration, socio-economic and infrastructural development of the South-South Region.

He spoke on the topic: “Federalism, Insecurity & Challenges of Agriculture in Nigeria”


FEDERALISM & SECURITY: Policing is the exclusive responsibility of the States & Local Govts. The United States has about 17,000 Police Units. If we claim to be a Federal State like the USA then let FEDERALISM reflect in the way the Country is governed.

DECENTRALISATION: There is no Sea Port in the United States that is being run by the Federal Government but here in Nigeria the FG wants to solely be in charge of the Ports. THAT MUST CHANGE. THE FG GOVT SHOULD HANDS OFF

There can be no true Federal Structure if we do not reform the Local Government. Just as we campaign for powers to be devolved to the States, we should also begin to campaign for the States to devolve powers to the Local Govts.

A Government that cannot Protect the Lives and Properties of we the citizens does not deserve our Vote of Confidence.

POLICING: The Police MUST be decentralised. Leadership and Resources must be given to the Police Commissioners in the States for them to function effectively You cannot Police a large country like Nigeria from ABUJA

Agriculture is the way out of the Instability and Insecurity we are experiencing in the Country today. The Country, in the days of old, was developed through Agriculture. Southeast was developed with Oil Palm, North, with Groundnut and Southwest, with Cocoa


The Paper will be published shortly…

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