Yoruba Historical Conversations “Much Bigger Than In Southwestern Nigeria” – 29th September, 2017

yoruba historical conversation -Professor Anthony Asiwaju

On Friday, June 24, 2016, DAWN Commission commenced her monthly Yoruba Historical Conversations (YHC), with Professor Bolanle Awe as the Guest Historian. The Conversation held at the Cocoa House office of the Commission.

As a development agency, with the mission for creating a fresh template of organisation for the sustained progress of Western Nigeria and its people, we take our mission very seriously. Therefore, our mandate involves creating conversations and building the necessary coalition that would ensure that we do not lose our arts, culture, history and civilisation as a people.

We are concerned about the loss of our social orientation and heritage, especially the preservation of our history, which is responsible, in the main, to the abridgement of self that is now clearly manifesting in almost all that we do. The neglect of the teaching of History, and the lack of a sense of history has combined to create a generation with very scant regard for our values. We recognise that only a social revolution can assist in the much-needed recovery, and we are prepared to champion the process.

The 7th Edition of the Yoruba Historical Conversations comes up on Friday, 29th September, 2017 with Professor Emeritus Anthony Asiwaju as the Guest Lecturer.

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